Driver Booster 4 RC


Driver Booster 4 RC is a free driver updating program. With just one click, it will automatically scan for outdated and faulty drivers for your computer, and install the most suitable drivers for your hardware and gaming components to ensure you a top PC performance and best game experience.

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What’s new in Driver Booster 4 RC?

For a faster and smoother driver download and installation experience, we have added a bunch of cool features in our latest version of Driver Booster. driver booster 4.0 beta 1

Larger Database

This latest version of Driver Booster now has a very large database of drivers covering thousands of driver factory brands, which consists of over 400,000 drivers, including the NvidiaGeforce 10 series drivers. By using Driver Booster, you can even find rare drivers which can't be installed by other driver updaters.

Faster Downloading

With advanced compression technology, Driver Booster will save a lot time auto downloading the most suitable device drivers to your computer. And latest break-point resume technology and automatic retry mechanism makes driver download process much smoother.

Support drivers in several formats

In this new version, Driver Booster supports downloading drivers in different formats and various compression methods. So that drives will be successfully installed on your computer.

Ignore Feature

"Ignore This Update Only" feature has been optimized to ensure that you can still get notified for future updates if you just don’t want the current update.

Enhanced Toolkit

Driver Booster 4 RC comes with an enhanced toolkit, which will help fix your common PC issues like system crash, BSOD, device connection error, no network, no sound issue etc.  


Driver Booster 4 RC is perfect for you if you are looking for a tool that will help you get rid of all of your driver related problems in your PC, look no further than Driver Booster 4, you will find it's incredibly simple to use.  It will scan and find drivers that need to be updated, even those drivers which other driver updater can’t. With its faster download time and higher installation success rate, Driver Booster 4 RC will provide you with the best driver update experience ever.

download driver booster 4 RC

Send your feedback

If you are happy with Driver Booster, please share your unique experience to us. Any feedback and suggestions are welcomed. And the top 20 most valuable beta contributors will be given a license for free.
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