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3 Reasons to Update Your Device Drivers

Reasons to Update Your Device Drivers

“Why should we waste time updating drivers?” When interviewed some users about the habit to maintain drivers, 27% of them answered like that. They said there’s no need to mess with it, because devices still work even if drivers are outdated. But what “keep working” mean? Just works in basic function in generic way and wastes the value you have paid for? It seems many users neglect the importance to keep drivers updated. Below 3 reasons explain why it is important to always update your drivers:

1. Leaving outdated drivers means leaving known bugs unfixed
Manufacturers update drivers regularly and a major reason they do this is to fix bugs. Leaving outdated drivers on your computer means leaving known bugs unfixed, which could result in various problems like unstable device performance, blue screen, sudden reboot… and in worst case, damage your system completely. It’s never an easy job to repair a damaging system as it’s frustratingly time-consuming and money wasting. To prevent this situation, keep a good habit to identify outdated drivers on a regular basis and update them timely

2. Outdated driver means poorer performance
If you’re lucky enough to bypass the above mentioned serious problems, outdated drivers, like any other trouble, still got that power to make your life more complicated. Yes we’re talking about poorer system performance! Driver is like a communicator between your devices, your software and the operating system. Without its fully functioning, these separate parts could not understand each other well and would only perform in a what’s called ” generic mode”. If you have a bike, you would notice it’s faster and lighter to ride after you tighten screws and inflate tires properly. This is the same case as how updating drivers can make your system run more stable and smoothly.

3. Using outdated drivers means wasting money and missing new features
Why? Imagine this situation: you’ve invested big in your computer, devices, and software. But you get a low level of resolution out of your expensive display, or degraded performance out of your expensive printer, because they cannot be fully harnessed due to outdated drivers equipped. Manufacturers usually update drivers to bring devices with new features, for the purpose of enhanced performance. When you think “my system still works fine with outdated drivers”, you are missing out on what you’ve invested for.

Device driver updates are offered by manufacturers on their official websites. For example, drivers for NVIDIA graphics card could be found on NVIDIA website. However, identifying outdated driver manually would be time-consuming and updating them could be problematic. If you mistakenly install a driver that is supposed to work on Windows 8 for your Windows XP, you may end up system crashed, devices collapsed and data lost. Driver Booster is designed against this backdrop to provide you with an automatic ONE CLICK solution, and it’s FREE.


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Home > Resources > 3 Reasons to Update Your Device Drivers