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5 Tips To Clean Up Your PC

From the recent studies, it has been identified that many people prefer to replace their computers after some time due to poor performance. However, there are some effective tips available to enhance the performance of your computer and you don’t need to spend few hundred dollars to purchase a new one. Here is a list of five such tips that you can follow to clean up your PC.

Keeping your Windows up to date

Windows operating system has been a big target for malware makers. Keeping your Windows up to date can help protect privacy, reduce the risk of identity theft, and prevent hackers from taking over your computer. We have talked about the importance of Windows update before.
windows up to date
In order to turn on Windows Automatic Updates, you need to visit My Computer -> Properties -> Automatic Updates. However, There are some people who tend to turn off automatic updates. Fortunately, we have Vulnerability Fix in Advanced SystemCare, which can scan your system, and check Windows update and automatically fix bugs for you.

Defrag your hard drive

Data is written to your hard drive as disk blocks. You will add new files and delete existing files on your hard drive along with time. When a specific file cannot be stored on adjacent disk blocks, they will get fragmented. For example, an image can be stored in the hard drive across thousands of disk blocks. When you try to access that file, your computer would gather them up and if they are not stored in adjacent blocks, it will take longer to read the file. Defragging your hard drive can be considered as the most convenient solution available to get rid of this hassle. For a majority of people, Windows’ built-in defragmenter is just fine. However, third party tools have advanced features to meet users demands and work much faster than Windows’ defragmenter. We highly recommend Smart Defrag to users who need to get a complete control over hard drives.

disk defrag

Declutter your files

If you find it as a hard task to locate the important documents in your computer, it is the high time to declutter it. You can think about removing the icons in your desktop, changing the location of downloaded items and using folders to declutter the files. It would be better to schedule a time to get rid of old files every single month.

Uninstall programs that you don’t use

Softwares you rarely use would get collected in your computer along with time. If you haven’t used a specific program for the past six months, it is the high time to uninstall it. This will assist your computer to focus on other important stuff in an efficient manner. You can simply go to “Control Panel” and access “Install/Uninstall Programs” option to get rid of the applications that you don’t use anymore. If you’re in need of a program which supports batch uninstall and clean left behind junk files, you should download IObit Uninstaller. The Win 10 compatible uninstaller has a clean interface. You can check your infrequently used programs and batch uninstall large programs, toolbars, and even manage your Windows 10 active applications. IObit Uninstaller is the best Windows uninstall utility and has a good reputation compared with similar software.

Optimize startup

Many people complaints that their computers take a long time to start. That’s because there are too many programs on your computer are set to automatically run right away. You can control how many programs your computer should load during the startup. In order to do that, you need to visit Start -> Run and type “msconfig”. Then you will be able to access the Startup tab. You can deselect all the files that you don’t want to load automatically during the startup. The effectiveness of above-mentioned tips are proven and any person can try them to improve the effectiveness of computer without any hassle. For users of Advanced SystemCare, the Startup Accelerate feature in Speed Up module will help.


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Home > Resources > 5 Tips To Clean Up Your PC