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Adobe ARM – AdobeARM.exe – Solution

Adobe ARM (AdobeARM.exe) is Adobe Reader and Acrobat Manager for running Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR  in mobile under ARM frame work. Adobe ARM (AdobeARM.exe) is not virus or some program that may cause computer security problems.Once you installed Adobe Acrobat or Reader into your computer, there will be Adobe ARM (AdobeARM.exe) service or process in your computer.

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What AdobeARM.exe virus brings to you

AdobeARM.exe may be affected by virus or spyware, it will cost big loss for your data or private information security. Data loss, privacy leakage, system crash, or even hardware problem, etc. You may check here to see what AdobeARM.exe virus or spyware will bring to you.

It always auto starts when the computer starts. However, it is useless, except wasting computer resources. So, we recommend you to forbid auto start of Adobe ARM (AdobeARM.exe) by using Startup Manager in Advanced SystemCare PRO.

Adobe ARM adobearm.exe

By this step, Adobe ARM (adobearm.exe) won’t run automatically when system starts. And it won’t affect your Adobe Reader or Acrobat.

If you delete this file at C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\ARM\1.0\AdobeARM.exe directly, there will be a warning that notify you there is something wrong with Adobe ARM. At this time, you just need kill it in Startup Manager of Advanced SystemCare Free and restart computer, it will go well. However, if it still exists, then you have to reinstall it and uninstall it in control panel.

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Home > Resources > Adobe ARM – AdobeARM.exe – Solution