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Free System Optimization Tool

If your PC has started to slow down, you want to use system optimization tools to make your PC run at a peak performance. Though there are lots of system optimization tools available online, many of these tools are poor quality. What is worse, if you use these poor quality system optimization tools, they will cause much loss than good system optimization tools to your PC.

Fortunately, today we introduce you a free system optimization tool which can maintain and optimize your system efficiently and successfully. It’s Advanced SystemCare Free (ASC, in brief) V3.5.1 from IObit.


If you’re a newbie, you may not understand the disk or system optimization, registry cleaning, spyware removal, disk defragment, privacy sweep, registry fix and other proprietary terms. Don’t worry and take it easy! ASC has “one-click-optimizer” design, which can help you do all the task mentioned above automatically and efficiently after you click the button of CARE.

one click approach

Deep System Optimization

If you want deep cleanup for your pc, you can start Disk Cleaner that will help you speedup your hard disk. The Disk Cleaner tool helps you free up space on your hard disk by searching your disk for unnecessary files that you can safely delete. You can choose to delete some or all of the files. Use Disk Cleaner to perform any of the following tasks to free up space on your hard disk:
• Remove temporary Internet files.
• Remove downloaded program files.
• Remove Windows temporary files.
• Remove optional Windows components that you are not using.
• Remove installed programs that you no longer use.

Smart Defrag to Optimize Your System

This free system optimization tool has another powerful function, smart defrag. Disk fragmentation is caused by the frequent depositing and deleting data, and the debris will affect the speed too much and it will make your pc run slow. Smart Defrag can defragment several hard drives or partitions at once. In order to optimize your system, it can also defragment and optimize the disks by arranging data for the best possible performance. Smart Defrag includes a handy scheduling utility which allows you to schedule daily, weekly, monthly, or one time disk defragmenting jobs.

If you want to optimize your system efficiently, we suggest you to run Disk Cleaner once a week and Disk Defragment once a month. If you’re too lazy to do that, just add it to scheduled tasks. Disk Defrag can also be set to run automatically and make your system optimized efficiently when your system is idle.

Other Ways to Optimize and Maintain Your System

It’s also a good idea for system optimization to install programs economically and to uninstall programs you don’t need. Use advanced uninstaller button to uninstall the unnecessary problem, which will make your PC run smoothly.

Now, do you have an impulse to try this free system optimization tool to make your PC run faster? Don’t hasty and try ASC, you’ll enjoy a faster pc.

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