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Free Windows 8 Optimizer

Windows 8 optimizer is unnecessary in the near future? Absolutely no. As we focus on windows 8’s new advantages compared to Windows 7, we should also pay attention on any details that will cause it problem. Checking this article, you will find windows optimizer’s important role.

No matter what the operating system is and how perfect it is said by experts, the security issue has always being the main topic in internet all the time. Certainly, it is necessary for computer users to have a tune up tool keeping Windows 8 in high performance.  And a free windows 8 optimizer will help users finish this, instead of  time and money consuming in assistant awaiting from W8 experts.

See the roles of the free windows 8 optimizer in W8

1. help computer users stop unnecessary windows services or settings in startup manager, which consume time and space but be useless for our common users.
2. scan and delete cookies, browse history and address bar records completely in period, in addition to that it is said that there will no registry in Windows8.
3. perform regular detect and fix in junk files and other errors causing by spyware and malware,keeping computer’s environment clean.
4.  scan and remove suspected threats by Trojans and any virus.

It is recommended to have a free windows 8 optimizer, like Advanced SystemCare by IObit, the famous company in computer security and optimization field. Free windows8 optimizer is developed for users to resolve these  problems weakening system easily and quickly.

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Home > Resources > Free Windows 8 Optimizer