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How Outdated Drivers Would Damage Your PC

How Outdated Drivers Affect Your PC

A few days ago we talked about what device driver is and the vital role it plays for a functional PC. Today we will talk about how outdated device would affect your computer in possible ways.

Security Threats
Although chances are slim, a recent report showed that buggy codes found in an outdated driver for a certain type of wireless device enabled hackers to enter Windows Operating System and take control of users’ PC. Thousands of users were affected, with spyware and virus being maliciously installed in their PCs.

Of course, this is just an extreme case showing how dangerous it could be by leaving outdated drivers on your computer. However, just like how an outdated map could mislead you to take the wrong route, outdated drivers could bring various troubles to your computer as well.

Malfunction of Devices
The most common problem you could encounter is that your devices can’t function properly without proper drivers installed, such as soundless movie, poor display resolution, disconnected internet. Worse situation is that your computer simply crashes and gives you a dead blue screen because of overload or confliction. The fact is, drivers are updated by manufacturers in a certain frequency mainly in order to fix bugs and keep up with changes of operating system for best compatibility. So it is strongly recommended that you update device drivers as a regular routine to avoid problems.

Bogged down PC Performance
It turns out that most people don’t pay attention to their driver status until serious problem happens. A recent survey conducted by us indicates that most users simply choose rebooting as their best solution whenever a device is working unstably. However, this can only worsen the computer health and bog down the overall PC performance. As a result, you find application freezing, movie stuck, printer slow to response. Bear in mind that if you don’t suffer from serious problems, it does not necessarily mean that you’ve escaped from the bad influences of outdated drivers.

What are the Possible Solutions?
There’re a few options to get updated drivers. From the website of a chipset manufacturer, the device manufacturer, or from Windows. But it is a very time consuming process to scan and identify outdated drivers in your system first, then pinpoint the correct update from a reliable source, and then wait for them to be downloaded and installed. Other than that, manual updating could also be problematic, as each driver is specific to a certain type of device or even a model of it and it’s very easy to download and install the wrong driver. A professional driver update program like Driver Booster, is designed to scan and identify outdated drivers automatically, and download and install the right update for you with just ONE click, saving you loads of time!


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Home > Resources > How Outdated Drivers Would Damage Your PC