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How to clear browsing data

Everytime you visit a web page, browser will collect lots of your personal information like browsing history, selections in a form, passwords, shopping cart contents, temporary caches files, etc. That will enhance your Internet experience, but can also cause the privacy and security problem. So its very important to clean these privacy information periodically. But how to clear browsing data?

1. Clean browsing data from IE, Firefox, Google Chrome
For IE, Firefox and Google Chrome users, you can press the keyboard shortcut: Ctril + Shift + Delete to open the dialog box and check the options you want to delete.

clear browsing data from firefox

Clear browsing data from Firefox

2. Clear browsing data from Opera
Click the Opera icon in the upper-left corner, choose “Settings” and click “Delete Privacy Data” option to open the dialog box, and then check the items you want to clear.
clear browsing data from  opera

Clear browsing data from Opera

3. Remove browsing data from Safar
Click the gear icon in the upper-right corner, and select “Reset Safar”. In the pop-up menu, check the items that you want to remove, and then click on the “Reset” button to sweep your data.
clear browsing data from  Safar

Clear browsing data from Safar

How to clear browsing data in an easy way?

If you have multiple browsers, its really a time-hogging job to delete browsing data from each browser every few days. Here you can use the third part clean tool – Advanced SystemCare to help you do that with an ease. Just with only one click, it can completely erase your personal data from all the browsers.

select privacy sweep

Select privacy sweep

clean browsing data

Clean browsing data

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Home > Resources > How to clear browsing data