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How to defrag windows registry

Registry contains the configuration data of all hardware and software. It will be changed if there is an installation, uninstallation or other operation occur on your computer. According to statistics, the registry is altered over hundreds of time per second. These constant changes cause a lot of leftover information in registry, so its important to fix registry errors to keep computer in healthy. But is it necessary to defrag windows registry?

The answer is yes! After fixing register errors, your registry will get fragmented because of a amount of empty registry keys. That’s because deleting obsolete entries leaves bank bits of space within the registry. Gradually, these empty keys increase in the registry, that’s not only causes the registry to grow in size but also registry fragmentation. To keep your computer in top performance, so it is very necessary to defrag registry regularly. But how to defrag windows registry?

Here you can use Advanced SystemCare which can delete all empty registry keys, reindex them to improve the data access time, and even combine all fragmented registry files into one file. This easy-to-use registry defragment tool will defragment registry on windows boot before the GUI are loaded and backup registry to make sure that you can restore it if any alteration failed. Follow these steps below to defrag windows registry in the easiest and fastest way:

1. Download Advanced SystemCare here, and then install and run it.
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2. Choose the “Expert Mode”, and check “Registry Defrag”, and then click on “SCAN” button.

how to defrag registry

How to defrag registry

3. After scanning, click on “Repair” to defrag registry, and then restart your computer.
defragments registry

Defragments registry

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Home > Resources > How to defrag windows registry