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How to disable CHKDSK

You may have noticed that if your computer is shut down abnormally, windows will check your hard disk automatically during the next startup. But sometimes, this will happen every boot with no reason? So how to disable CHKDSK? Here are two effective ways to help you solve this problem:

1. Disable CHKDSK by typing command

Click “Startup”-> click “Run”-> type: cmd -> type: chkntfs /t:0 And then your system will not auto-check disk anymore. Also you can type chkntfs /D to bring back the default setting of windows CHKDSK.

2. Disable CHKDSK by modifying Windows registry(Not recommended)

Click “Startup”-> click “Run” -> type: regedit to open the registry editor, find “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control/SessionManager”, in the right hand pane, find “BootExecute”and clear its value. Important: before any modification, please create the system restore point or backup your registry.

Modify registry to disable CHKDSK

Modify registry to disable CHKDSK

The incorrect shutdown, too much disk fragments, disk errors, and etc will cause the auto-run of CHKDSK, and here you can use the optimization tool – Advanced SystemCare to fix disk errors and defragment disk regularly, this is the most effective way to protect your disk and keep it in top performance.
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Home > Resources > How to disable CHKDSK