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How to fix registry error

After reinstalling the system, does your computer runs like new? How about a couple of months later? Is it slowing down and freezing often? At last the system crashed, and you have to reinstall it again. Why does this happen? After every installation and uninstallation, registry are changed, but some applications don’t clean up all the registry information after being uninstalled, overtime the keys or values contained within the registry may become invalid and sometimes many useless keys remain and some useful keys get deleted. That will cause the registry error and slow your PC. But how to fix registry error?

1. Remove virus and malware

Virus will tamper your registry and damage your system, so the first thing is do a full scan and remove all the security threats. Also you need to make sure your anti-virus database is not outdated.

2. Fix registry error

Open the Start Menu -> click Run -> type “regedit” -> click OK to start registry editor. But you must know exactly what you’re doing prior to making any modifications. Any mistake might stop specific system services and software from working, and even cause the system crash. So its very important to backup registry before alteration. But we don’t suggest you to fix registry errors manually because of the high risk. So how to fix registry error in an easy and safe way. Here we highly recommend Advanced SystemCare, it can scan and fix all the registry errors with only one click, and you can rescue changes if your system get in trouble.

how to fix registry error

How to repair registry errors

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Home > Resources > How to fix registry error