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How to free up RAM

Does your computer frozen often? Does it slow to a crawl? There are many reasons could slow down your computer, short on memory is one of the main reasons. So how to free up RAM and speed up your PC?

1. Disable useless browser add-ons
Have you ever found that your browser starts much more slowly that before? Actually add-ons for browser also consume a large amounts of RAM. How to free up RAM? Check your browser add-ons, and disable the useless ones.

2. Disable unnecessary services
If you have your own anti-virus software, you can turn the windows defender off, and it will free up about 20M of RAM. You might have already found that there are many system and local service processes in the task manager. Actually some of them are useless for us and also take lots of ram. You can stop them by using optimization tools like Advanced SystemCare without any risk.

3. Change your theme to windows classic
Turn off the Aero theme, and change your theme to the windows classic(right-click the desktop, select Personalize, and choose Windows Classic), and then you will free up about 40M of RAM.

4. Windows Explorer Optimization
Windows Explorer can run each Explorer window in a separate process. In our test it uses at least an extra 10MB of RAM for every Explorer window you have open, and how to free up RAM? Turn this feature off to reclaim the wasted memory. So open the folder > Click ‘Tools’ > Click ‘Folder Options’ > View and make sure ‘Launch folder windows in a separate process’ is not checked.

5. Minimize applications
For those applications that you don’t use currently, you can minimized its Windows to reclaim some of its memory. So it’s always preferable to minimize inactive programs rather than just leaving them open on your desktop.

6. Turn off the useless background programs
Some unknown programs will run in the background without any notice which causes a big waste of RAM. To free up RAM, press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to launch Task Manager, and click the ‘Memory’ column header to check which programs you don’t need are hogging memory in background, and then turn them off. If you discover some memory hogs that you don’t recognize, enter their process names at Google to find out more.

How to free up RAM in a fast and easy way

To skip these complex steps, you can use system optimization tools like Advanced SystemCare. What you need to do is turn on the Turbo Boost function, and it will automatically shutdown all unnecessary system services and applications, and keep releasing RAM in the background.

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Home > Resources > How to free up RAM