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How to Optimize Windows XP Startup

As we can see from many authoritative media report that most of users’ OS are still Windows XP, so the questions for discussion on the Windows XP optimization is still necessary. Behold! what I introduce you today is very efficient and practical methods on how to optimize windows xp startup by saving the RAM.

1. Reduce the latency time of disk scan when windows start up.
Start –> Run –> Input “chkntfs /t:0” –> Enter, Done, and it will get effect instantly that will save hundreds of MB RAM

2. Delete the backup files.
Start –> Run –> Input “sfc.exe /purgecache”

3. Modify Windows XP cabin service list.
Start –> Run –> Input “services.msc” to enter into the service list.

Here are the suggested closed services by manual operation:

application layer gateway service
application management
automatic updates
background intelligent transfer service
com+Event system
COM+Event system application
COmputer browser
DHCP client
Distributed link tracking client
Distributed Transaction coordinator
Error reporting service
Fast user switching compatibility
Human interface device access
IMAPI CD-burning COM service
Indexing service
Internet Connection Firewall(ICF)
IPSEC Services
Logical Disk manager
Logical Disk manager administrative service
MS software shadow copy provider
Net Logo
Netmeeting remote desktop sharing
Network Connections
Network DDE
Network DDE DSDM
Network Location Awareness
NT LM Security support provider
NVIDIA Driver Helper service
Remote Procedure Call LOCATOR
remote registry
removable storage
routing and remote access
secondary logon

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Home > Resources > How to Optimize Windows XP Startup