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How to Recover a Deleted File from Your PC

Yeah, it happens! You simply delete a file and realize you need it back, everyone has been there.

Keep calm and try these solutions, in this order:

Check the Recycle bin

Use the search function inside Recycle bin or sort the files according to date to find the specific file.

Check the trash files folder in cloud storage

In case the file was stored in cloud storage services like Skydrive, Dropbox or Google drive, login to your account online and check the trash folder there. You can easily recover the file if it’s there.

Make use of the search feature in Windows

Give it a try, perform an advanced search right away. Just click the Start button, and type the file name or part of the file name in the search box.

Check your backups

Make use of the built-in backup tools in Windows, especially the Windows 7’s Previous Versions tool. (Previous versions are either copies of files and folders created by Windows Backup or copies of files and folders that Windows automatically saves as part of a restore point.) In order to check out the previous versions of a file or folder, right click on the file or folder and select “Previous versions” tab. Then, navigate to the folder that contained your file and select Restore previous versions.

Haven’t got any solution yet? don’t lose your nerve. Instead of complaining and throwing your PC out the window, chill down and make use of “IObit Undelete” that comes with Advanced SystemCare

How to restore deleted files using IObit Undelete

Step1: Download and install Advanced SystemCare

Step 2: Click Advanced SystemCare toolbox (1) and select Undelete (2) tool in the Security & Repair section. Wait for the Undelete tool to pop-up.

IObit UnDelete

Step 3: Choose the drive you want to restore, and scan now. You will find a list of deleted files.

IObit Undelete Free Download

Step 4: select the file you want to restore and save it!


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Home > Resources > How to Recover a Deleted File from Your PC