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How to Speed Up Starcraft 2

How to speed up Starcraft 2? This article teaches you to speed up Starcraft 2 step by step. Both from Starcraft 2 settings according to your hardware configuration and distribute more resources to Starcraft 2. Game Booster in Advanced SystemCare helps you to speed up Starcraft 2 in maximum way.

About Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2

Starcarft 2 has been developed since 1998, it is the right time that Starcraft 1 came out. After 12 years developments, Blizzard finally published Starcraft 2 to the whole world. Nearly all the computer game fans are waiting for this time. Each of game that comes from Blizzard is a shock for whole world.

Starcraft 2

How to Speed up Starcraft 2

There are mainly two steps to speed up Starcraft 2: Starcraft 2 settings and more computer resources.

1, Adjust Starcraft 2 settings

starcraft 2 settings
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The main setting for speeding up Starcraft 2 is adjust your Graphics settings. Each computer has different video card, and each video card offers different effects. And the settings of Grahpics will automatically adjust its setting to a proper key. Usually you don’t need to adjust them by yourself. But if you wanna higher effect, you may adjust some of them to an upper option. But if you did so, the speed of Starcraft 2 may slow down. And if you adjust all Graphics settings to the lowest options, you can get the fastest speed of Starcraft 2.

But we don’t recommend you to adjust Starcraft 2 settings too much. You must find a balance for both Starcraft 2’s speed and effect.

2, Speed up Starcraft 2 by special speed up software

A special tool to speed up Starcraft 2, Game Booster is the best application to speed up Starcraft 2. You can find Game Booster under Advanced SystemCare. Here we teach you how to speed up Starcraft by Game Booster step by step.

1) Download Advanced SystemCare Free, install and call it.

2) Call “Game Booster” under “Utilities”

3) One Click “Switch to Gaming Mode!”

speed up games - game booster

After switched to gaming mode, every Windows service and software which has no relationship with Starcraft 2 will be temporarily killed, saving maximum computer resources for StarCraft.

Easy and fast way to speed up Starcraft 2. Download Game Booster Now to speed up Starcraft 2!

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