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How to Speed up Your Windows 8

Many users and PC lovers may be interested in the best way to maintain and speed up their windows 8. Well, the best choice for them is choosing a reliable software to do this job and Advanced SystemCare Free may be your first choice. To speed up Windows 8, please check the following content.

why your windows 8 slows down

When you run your PC for daily use or surf in the internet, many kinds of things may generate to slow down your windows 8. Auto start-up software and software run in the background may take up the space of CPU; offending software you installed by accident may falsify some software or change homepage of your web browser, slowing down your internet connection;  junk files and folders, history of internet surfing, unnecessary registry and disk defragment may push a heavy load on your running system.

How to speed up windows 8

Advanced SystemCare Free is an excellent system optimizer for windows 8. With its help, it can cut down those stuff which may slow down your windows 8, speed up your windows 8 and return you a healthy PC.

For daily maintainance,you can use the one-click- approach Advanced SystemCare Free provides by clicking “care’ button, then your PC will be automatically scanned and smartly cleaned. Also, you can use its start-up management function to speed up your boot time, which can also save more space for your windows 8.

For more specific usage, you can ask the toolbox under Advanced SystemCare Free for help. Advanced SystemCare provides you Internet Booster for speeding up internet, Game Booster for speeding up games. with these kinds of useful apps, you can really realize the all-round windows 8 speedup.

Advanced SystemCare Free aims to assist PC users in Windows speedup and Windows 8 is not the exception.

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Home > Resources > How to Speed up Your Windows 8