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iPhone Process List

The belows are iPhone process list, you can check them one by one for disable or enable these iPhone Service or not.

Launchd: takes over many tasks from cron, xinetd, mach_init, and init, which are UNIX programs that traditionally have handled system initialization, called systems scripts, run startup items, and generally prepared the system for the user. (do not close)

TQServer: Net Long Company PC Suit daemon (recommend not to close it)

BTServer: Bluetooth Service (BlueTooth) (in my environment with the dock, turn it off iphone not responding)

CommCenter: Communications Center (phone system) (do not close)

configd: to automatically configure and maintain the network (do not close)

cron: regularly scheduled command or script execution (alarm clock might use it, recommend not to close it)

mDNSResponder: Multicast-DNS Responder daemon. (Do not turn off)

lockdownd: so that iPhone can use other SIM card (do not close)

ptpd: the process of connecting itunes (do not close)

fitx: WeFIT Input Method (not recommended to be closed)

mediaserverd: (system sounds) (do not close)

notifyd: inter-process communication (do not close)

SpringBoard: Springboard is no better explanation in English, if you used the installer or ibrickr install a third-party software, you will find the middle of the screen there is a circular symbol loader, and then immediately return to the standby screen iPhone , then this is a Springboard restart the process (do not close)

MobilePhone: I need not explain this right (do not close)

sshd: ssh daemon (you can close it)

crashreporterd: test application crashes the daemon. (Recommend to close)

dock: dock the software process (you decide to use or not)

iapd: ipod is the iphone and other Apple products using a communication protocol, the purpose is to allow other third-party devices such as communication equipment and iphone. (Recommended closure)

syslogd: recording system error logs and status messages (recommend to close)

update: time to refresh the file system cache to prevent data loss caused by system crash (recommend to close). If you want to manually sync the file system cache, in text mode (ssh to connect to the iphone), implementation of the sync command.

crashreporterd, iapd, syslogd, update service can be safely shut down and will not impact on the system. fitx memory for not a lot of information needs to hand in the hair starts, so I do not recommend turning off.

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Home > Resources > iPhone Process List