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Privacy Protection

Privacy protection is more and more important for computer use nowadays. If your privacy protection doesn’t do well enough, you will suffer data loss or economic loss. So how to perform privacy protection well enough, this article will guide you step by step about how to protect your privacy in a good way.

Why we need to protect our privacy?

The reason why we need privacy protection is that too many things on internet or our computer are monitoring our trace, habits, accounts, data, etc. To Keep yourself out of secrets leak, here we will give you the reason why we need privacy protection.

1, Nearly all sound sites, like Google, Yahoo, MySpace, Facebook, etc. all record your trace on internet. Every step that when you are surfing on internet is under their monitor by using cookies. They know exactly what you did on their or other websites, they will analysis your habits, common actions, and then they know you all. You are having no secret in font of them.

2, There is a kind of virus named spyware. Unlike the condition we mentioned in 1, it is wicked to steal something from your computer. Spyware may record a kind of account, like WOW game accounts, or record every key press actions, or your credit record, or anything valuable on your computer, and send these information to the pointed email address. Then, the owner of that email address checked their email box, they will know all your privacy information, and steal them, no matter the information is about your documents or Paypal accounts.

3, Privacy leaked due to other people used your computer. Some wicked people will check your internet history, and implant spyware for more info.

See, all these three are the possibilities which may leak your privacy. So privacy protection is important for each of computer users. OK, let’s take action for privacy protection now.

The Solution For Privacy Protection

For privacy protection, you need a tool for both clean your online history, including browsing history and cookies, and spyware or malware or virus clean. IObit’s Advanced SystemCare Free is the best tool for your privacy protection.

Let’s see how to protect your privacy step by step

1, Click “User Accounts” in “Control Panel”, select your account, and “Create a password”. Then right click desktop “Properties” – “Screen Saver”, active “On Resume, password protect” and change “Wait 10 minutes” to 5 minutes.

By this way, everytime you leave your computer more than 5 minutes, others need to enter password to enter your account on Windows. This protects you from being stolen for important data.

Tips: If you use laptop, we suggest you to active fingerprint identifier. By this feature, you won’t need to enter password.

2, Download Advanced SystemCare, install call it.

Advanced SystemCare

3, Click the “Option” at the top of Advanced SystemCare Free’s first interface. Click “Privacy Sweep” and active all kinds of Browsers’ Cookies and History sweep options.

Sweep privacy

4, Select “Automated Care”, then active “Perform computer care when system is idle(Recommended)”

automtically protect privacy

Now all the settings for privacy protection is finished. Once your computer is idle, Advanced SystemCare will sweep your privacy and spyware automatically. This will greatly protect your privacy.

Download Advanced SystemCare Now!

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