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Remove Cookies

Remove cookies from various kinds of internet browsers can ensure personal information of computer users won’t be leaked. This articles tells you how to remove cookies from each hot internet browsers.

How can I remove cookies in Internet Explorer?
How can I remove cookies in Firefox?
How can I remove cookies in Safari?
How can I remove cookies in Mozilla?
How can I remove cookies using Advanced SystemCare FREE?

Remove cookies in Internet Explorer
To remove cookies in Internet Explorer 8.0
• Select “Tools”.
• Select “Delete browsing history”.
• Select “the Cookies check” box.
• Click the “Delete” button.

To remove cookies in Internet Explorer 7.0
• Select “Tools”.
• Select “Internet Options”.
• Open the “General” tab.
• Under “Browsing history” click the Delete button.
• Click the “Delete” cookies button and then click “Yes”.
• Click “Close” and then click “OK”.

Remove cookies in Firefox
To remove cookies in Firefox 3.x
• Open the “Tools” menu and select “Clear Private Data”.
• Select “Cookies” and click “Clear Private Data now”.

To remove cookies in Firefox 2.x
• Select “Tools”.
• Select “Options”.
• Select “Privacy”.
• Under “Private” area click Clear Now.
• Select “Cookies” and click “Clear Private Data now”.
• Click “OK”.

Remove cookies in Safari
To remove cookies in Safari:
• Select “Edit”.
• Select “Preferences”.
• Click “Security”.
• Click “Show Cookies”.
• Select the cookies and click “Remove”. If you want to delete all cookies, click “Remove All”.

Remove cookies in Mozilla
To remove cookies in Mozilla:
• Open the “Edit” menu.
• Select “Preferences” to open Dialog box.
• Select the “Privacy & Security” to open sub-menu.
• Select the “Cookies” item.
• Click the “Cookie Manager”.
• Open the “Stored cookies” folder.
• Select one or more cookies you want to remove and click “Remove Cookie”. Clicking “Remove All Cookies” will delete all cookies.

Remove Cookies Using Advanced SystemCare Free

1, Download Advanced SystemCare Free and install.

2, Click the “Option” at the top of Advanced SystemCare Free’s first interface.

3, Click “Privacy Sweep” and active all kinds of Browsers’ Cookies sweep options.

Remove Cookies

4, Close this windows directly and click “Care” button on main interface.

remove cookies

5, After the system care scan and repair finished, all your cookies are removed.

Most of cookies removal actions can only be handy, howerver, Advanced SystemCare Free offers you automatically remove cookies.

1, Click “Option”

2, Select “Automated Sweep”, then “Automatically sweep privacy when logging on and off computer”

automated cookie removal

And then close the window, your cookie will be automated removed from your computer.

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