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What causes slow Internet

Millions of people cannot stay without Internet in their daily life nowadays for work, study, shopping, communication or even entertainment. However, some of them are troubled by slow internet speed every day. It slows down their business communication, brings their shopping troubles, wastes more times on Internet for waiting the Internet response. Then, what causes slow Internet?

There are many reasons might slow down your Internet. While some of them do not call for any sort of alarm, certain reasons may harm your computer performance and Internet security. Here we listed the most common factors:

1. Virus will slow down your internet. It happens when your anti-virus software has expired and your computer is vulnerable to Virus, Malware, Trojans, Spyware, and adware attack. If all of these harmful elements invade into your PC, the internet speed is bound to be down. Besides Virus, Malware and Trojans should be noticeable since it will use up resources to slow down the internet speed. These harm elements are typically acquired when you open email attachments.

2. Spyware and adware seem relatively innocuous programs. When Web sites are browsed, Spyware and adware are downloading in process and they are used to track/control users’ Internet activities. They live in your computer to collect data for some marketing campaigns or persuade you to pay for one product. Unfortunately, these programs also use up resources and slow down your internet.

3. Besides these clandestine programs, there are other reasons such as technical issues will cause slow Internet. For example, your Internet server may be facing a traffic overload, it usually happens during certain peak hours to make your connection slower; another is if your browser is attached too many unnecessary programs running together, the Internet can get weighed down. Third, do you notice your service agreement? Are you getting less bandwidth than what is there? Do the router cables become loose? Because it can cause signals weak or lost.

4. Another important factor about technical issues is the type of connection. Different types make different speed in Internet performance. FIOS (fiber optic service) connection is the fastest Internet connection. The next is Cable connection. The DSL and dial-up connection don’t have good performance in Internet speed, so please pay attention when you make a choice about the connection.

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Home > Resources > What causes slow Internet