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What is registry error

Even registry error is the frequent cause of computer malfunctions, only part of PC users know about register error in detail. Before expounding what is registry error and how does registry error slow down your computer, first we need to understand what is the Windows registry.

What is Windows registry

The Windows Registry, which is also referred as “the registry”, is a central database that contains configuration settings and options on Microsoft Windows operating systems. It stores much information and settings for hardware, software and applications needed by computer. It gets records in the registry no matter what happens on your computer programs. That is to say, everything you do on your computer corresponds with the registry update. Such as when you install a new program or renew a software, the registry gets modified. Reset your default browser, the registry is altered at the same time.

What is registry error

There are many things that can cause registry errors. Some incorrect actions such as shutting down computer inappropriately, uninstalling applications improperly etc. You know registry errors can slow down your computer, here you may wonder how or in which way it can do it.

When you start up your computer, the Windows will review every registry entry one by one. If there are registry errors, it will take more time to organize the overall configuration of all the programs. The registry is changed when software is install or uninstall or some settings are altered. These changes result in the constant growth of registry, if you do not clean the registry regularly, it will takes longer when you open programs. Thus, your computer becomes slower.

So it is far from enough only to know what is registry error, here you can learn how to fix registry error.

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Home > Resources > What is registry error