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What Will Virus Or Spyware Do And How to Deal With Virus Or Spyware

This Article tells you what will virus or spyware do and how to deal with virus or spyware. See the following parts to identify how serious if you are affected by virus or spyware.

The dangerous of Data-stealing By Spyware

Nowadays, with the advent of Internet era, more and more network services need users to upload their personal information to the server-side; however, this greatly increases the potential privacy leak. According to our survey, 88% of respondents had suffered from leakage of personal information and experience distress.

What cause your privacy leak? It’s data-stealing malware. Malware steals personal and proprietary information by means of direct use or underground distribution. Personal information security threats that fall under this umbrella include keyloggers, screen scrapers, spyware, adware, backdoors, and bots. However, when these threats result in file download or direct installation, as most hybrid attacks do, files that act as agents to proxy information will fall into the data-stealing malware category.

These malicious softwares infiltrate a computer system without the owners’ informed consent. Some malicious malware wait for the users to access banking websites then spoofs pages of the bank website to steal sensitive information. Some covertly monitors web-surfing habits, uploads data to a server for analysis then serves targeted pop-up ads. Some steals personal information such as account names and passwords related to online games. Some modifies the hosts file to point to a different DNS server when banking sites are accessed then opens a spoofed login page to steal login credentials for those financial institutions.

Can you imagine your life without privacy? Cybercriminals may sell your credit card or bank information to others or directly steal your money stealthily. What’s worse, your private information maybe spread on the internet and your life will have no privacy.

The Power of Virus

Virus can remove the content of motherboard’s bios chip, which will cause hardware damage, even permanent damage such as motherboards, hard drives, etc.; and when it attacks on the hard disk master boot sector, Boot Sector, FAT tables, file directory, it can destroy hard disk or hard drive by deleting all information on the disk besides hard disks. It can also interfere with the floppy disk or network executable files and data files, Modifying or destroying data files, so that the file length and content of the document may change. Sometimes, the document can not be displayed or even disappeared. Some virus can delete or alter the hard disk in the executable file (such as com, and exe file) ,which will make majority of the normal operation of the system stop running and system may crash, blue screen or halt.

Virus is able to delete the necessary files for system boot, stopping the computer from starting correctly after powering  up or even cannot starting up, Sometimes suddenly black screen phenomenon will happen. Some severe virus will control the computer’s circuit board and this may lead to the burning and following short circuit of north and south bridge chips, graphics memory. Virus makers can steal personal information, personal accounts and classified information, or spread personal privacy via virus. Virus is also a means for attackers to remotely control a user’s infected computer.

Results of data lost that causing by virus

Different steps will lead date losing, and it could not be recovered. Most people are absent of the reasons causing data lost. For example,
We do not take a clear data management, and sometimes, delete a file in disk C in mistakes. And the most vicious reason is that virus and Trojans aiming to infect our computer. Any suspected sites, executable programs, and emails from the internet will track us to hijack data and replace them. But we often open it carelessly. And the virus and Trojans from these sites, programs and emails become the main reason of data lost.

Troubled with the lost data, you meet blue screen, or you cannot start your computer any more, even enter the safe mode, that you have to reset the system. It will make a vicious circle, for the possibility of losing more important files and data which were not in replication, esp. the ones in “C:/” previously during the reinstallation. Facing the most important but lost data, even the data recovery center cannot guarantee all recovery.

Facing the lost data, what you can do? The most useful way to avoid this happening is to keep a knowledge of these virus and Trojans and keep a system security tool for your computer.

How to deal with virus or spyware

Security 360 in Advanced SystemCare Free allows you to detect and remove virus or spyware completely, preventing you from being affected by virus or spyware. For the security of your data and private information, we strongly suggest you to use Security 360. What’s more, virus or spyware uses system bugs or errors for hijacking your computer, Advanced SystemCare Free fixes all kinds system problems quickly and safely.

You may see there are lots of anti-virus, spyware software on the market, but they just kill virus or spyware, they can’t fix system bugs, errors or problems. Virus or spyware will try various ways for hijacking your computer by using these bugs, errors or problems. Before killed the virus by anti-virus, spyware software, your information or data may have been leaked already. That’s why we recommend you to use Advanced SystemCare Free.


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Home > Resources > What Will Virus Or Spyware Do And How to Deal With Virus Or Spyware