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Windows 8 too Slow

Windows 8 becomes too slow, that is frustrated to windows users when they enjoy the new key features, including Cluster support and a new replicationcontinued, as well as improved performances in windows 8. Here is to show some reasons and solutions for slowed windows 8.

Reasons might slow windows 8

(1) there are too many applications added in the startup menu, while some of them are unnecessary for computer drive.
(2) compared with DOS, Windows 8 is too large. And along with daily operations, installation of new software, runtime loaded, new games addition and Web surf, it becomes more substantial in catalog, as well as registry and runtime, having more and more junk files, disk fragments, and browsing history.

Solutions to windows 8 too slow

(1) remove the unnecessary applications in startup menu. It can be deleted manually from the “start up” list, and some of them will be processed through “subsidiary application” –>” System Tools “–>” System Information “–>” Tools ” in tool bar–>” System Configuration Editor program”–>” start ” dialogue box. It can be finished using start up manager in Advanced SystemCare software.
(2) although it is said that there will be no registry in windows 8, but there are still junk files, fragments need to clean up.

It takes users time to finish the above too items manually. Intending to save time, we can use the famous software, Advanced SystemCare  in IObit, which can make Windows speed up, including sencondary tools to keep computer in stable performance.

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Home > Resources > Windows 8 too Slow