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Windows XP Cleaner

Windows XP cleaner helps you to clean all junk files in Windows XP. This article gives full tutorial about where Windows XP cleaners usually clean, and how to speed up Windows after cleaned.

Why we need Windows XP cleaner

Windows XP has a feature to record all actions a user did, like the website browse history record. It record every step you acted on this computer, and save all of them as temp files. And the default setting in Windows XP for temp files is keep them all the time. So the longer you used this system, the bigger your temp files will be, untill one day the temp files may take all space on your system drive and give no space for system running. Besides, temp files will surely slow down the computer or Windows XP. Windows XP will read the folders which store temp files, if there are too many files exist, it costs a long time to read. While Windows XP cleaner will auto clean these temp files without care. So you don’t need to worry about too many junk files there, wasting your disk space and computer resources.

As human, each man has unclean things in his body, but if these things are too many, then the man will be sick, until these unclean things mostly go out.

What a Windows XP cleaner usually clean

Windows XP cleaner usually clean the following places: 1, Windows Recycle Bin; 2, Windows Temporary Files; 3, IE Temporary Files, Cookies, History, etc. So we can say that Windows XP cleaner is the software without high technology. Easy but useful.

However, a Windows XP maintenance needs much more. Only a Windows XP cleaner is far from being satisfied. Because sometime, you not only need to clean Windows XP, but also speed up Windows XP, manage startup list, scan virus, spyware or malware, etc. Why not use a all in one software to do every Windows XP maintenance for you automatically?

All in one Windows XP maintenance Software

Advanced SystemCare Free is no doubt your choice for clean Windows XP or other Windows XP optimization job. Amazingly, it has 30+ features that allows you to do the best Windows XP optimization in Windows XP virus solution, optimization, problem prefix, etc.

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